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Senior Horse Care

It can be a difficult decision on what to with your beloved horse once they reach the age of retirement. You shouldn't have to feel conflicted when the time comes. Let us help ensure that your horse can live out its days in peace and tranquility, with full-service premium care at an affordable rate.

senior community

Pasture Board

$650/month: all-inclusive

  • Horses will be grouped with other senior aged horses

  • 58 acres of 24/7 grass turnout

  • No-climb horse fencing around big grass pastures

  • Twice daily feedings up to 6 lbs/feeding

  • Shade in every pasture - trees or shade structures

  • Beautiful  arena, roundpen, and facilities available for use



  • Upgrade to Private Stall with group AM or PM group turnout

  • Horse Care Session: Horse will be brought up to the barn and given a full groom

  • Horse Exercise Session: Horse will be brought up to the arena and exercised in hand for twenty minutes. Walk and Trot

  • Day of Beauty: Treat your horse to a full afternoon of care service includes a walk around the farm, full grooming, bath, brushing, mane, and tail care.


Upgrade to a private stall

  • If you would prefer your horse to spend time in a stall during the day/night. this upgraded service will allow for your horse to have a private stall and be turned out privately or with a retirement group.

  • Extra Large 14x14, rubber matted, generously bedded stalls

  • High powered fans permanently installed in stalls

  • 14x36 runs off of each stall

-$175- per month

horse care session

  • Your horse will be brought up to the barn and given a 30-minute full grooming session (Curry, Hard & Soft Brush, Hook pick)

  • Treats and Scratches (no extra charge)

-$100/month- once per week

-$175/month- twice per week

Training of Foals

Horse Exercise Session

  • Ensuring your senior horse gets regular exercise is important to a longer and healthier life

  • Your horse will get a twice-weekly 30-minute session in our arena. These non-mounted sessions will be tailored to the needs of your horse (lunging, in hand walk/trot, etc)

  • Each session ends with a cool rinse


horse day of beauty

  • What better way to show your horse how special they are than with a pampering session

  • This service includes a thorough curry and brushing, shampoo, rinse, hoof cleaning, mane and tail detangling

-$75- per session

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